A 2-weeks Online Healing Course

Develop an easy & practical tool to hold on to
when your feet start shaking & you’re close to breaking down,
when the ground underneath you turns into quicksand,
trying to eat you up alive. Become quickly in control of your emotions
& negative thoughts, back in the present moment
and able to behave and feel ‘normal‘ again.

*Side effects: Expect your family & friends to suddenly know
how to truly support you during a panic attack,
instead of feeling useless & incompetent with no clue
how to best help you, when you are in this state of mind.*

Do you feel like you are losing your mind?

Do you want to run just without any idea where to?

Do you feel out of control of all these thoughts & emotions?

Do you suffer from panic or anxiety attacks?

Do you feel like you’re not recognizing yourself anymore?

Do you have tried so much stuff without success?

Do you feel like your family & friends just don’t understand?

Do you doubt your therapist is helping you enough?

Do you feel overwhelmed & close to going completely nuts?

Are you clueless how to start & whether you can heal at all?


Are you ready to learn how to take charge of your mind?

Would you like to stop running & feel home inside your body?

Do you want to get back into control of your body & mind ?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had just ‘normal‘ peoples’ problems?

Are you ready to meet your true & authenic inner self?

Do you want to try out a new unconventional way?

Can you imagine your friends & family truly supporting you?

Do you want to finally make some real progress in your life?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you found balance in your body & mind?

Are you ready to take your healing to a whole new level?



I am Hilde, a woman with almost 20 years of experience in successfully fighting depression. After my first major depressive episode at the age of 22, I stayed 11 years depression free. It seemed as if I had successfully conquered this mental sickness and was able to function “normal” during more than a decade.
Everything was going fine, I had a family, a house, a career, a baby, friends & hobbies. Nothing seemed abnormal about my life. Nobody expected that such a heavy storm would reign over my life for the next 3 years.

At 33, with a 2 year old child it hit me again and this time it hit me hard. My roommate in the mental hospital told me that I was not the typical type of patient who would have to stay there, who would have become this sick. I knew I wasn’t.
And I promised her back then, that if I ever found a way out of there and became healthy again and able to live a normal life, I would help other people as well.

Because this sickness is a monster, it is cruel, it is icecold, it is deadly. In my humble view, and to my own knowledge up to this moment, there is nothing worse than being severely depressed, having suicidal thoughts, and being so sick & desperate that you really are trying to attempt suicide.

Back then I still joked around, saying my next depression would only hit me once I turned 44. I didn’t expect to relapse at 34, at 35, several times, until I finally managed to stay out of falling back into this sickness in a sustainable way. Before that, it always seemed impossible. Each time seemed so much harder than the times before. I had lost hope so very often.

At 40, I finally found the courage & inner strength to prepare myself to get ready to deliver on my promise. For 1 full year I’ve done almost nothing else than preparing this program , which I am finally launching today, on Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine's Day Discount

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Course Outline

Week 1

After a short introduction video you will go through Steps 1 – 4 of learning how to build your personal Emergency Plan. You can watch the individual steps on your own time and fill out the plan template in your own path.

Week 2

You will finish building Steps 5 – 7 of your personal Emergency Plan. In Step 7, I will guide you through my own Emergency plan, which helped me staying sustainably out of depression. 

What’s so Special about this Emergency Plan?

When I was severely depressed, my therapists asked me to prepare this Crisis or Safety Plan, which in their opinion would apparently help me from relapsing into depression. I hated writing it. It was triggering me. I had to start with naming all my symptoms of depression, which was a terrible task to do, because I felt so much shame of just being depressed. To read through these symptoms, which I knew so super well meanwhile, made me feel so much worse. Thinking & focusing on my triggers, on what went wrong, didn’t make me feel good. I read it and got reminded of all the stuff that was not going well for me. 

I have used everything I could think of, I have tried out myself, & I have researched so much material out there for you when you are depressed. I’ve read so many books, written by so many professional experts. Experts, who often never ever had been depressed in their whole lives. I didn’t feel they would get me, they would really be able to describe what it was like to be depressed. They never had been fighting to push suicidal thoughts out of their head for months on end. They never had tried to commit suicide so very often and failed. Which made them feel like even more a failure because not even this thing they would still be able to manage. 

I developed a plan to help you to fight panic attacks, which hit you during depression, sometimes daily, hourly, sometimes few times per week. I believe that once you manage to survive these ‘small’ moments of terror, you slowly regain hope that you may survive this huge thing – depression too, even if it has been going on for years.

What people say about Hildburg

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Hildburg for a few months now. She is a strong ray of light, loving energy, and intelligence. She gives of herself generously and fearlessly. She has resiliently turned her past experiences into weapons that destroy lies that keep the heart & mind in bondage, and into instruments that facilitate healing. I’m so thankful and glad to know her and have her in my life. She’s a game-changer and I believe that whoever she helps will be positively impacted for life.

Chloe, USA

Hildburg’s project is life changing. Her calling is to help and she does with her big heart.
Thank you !

Aslam, Belgium

Right now I am luckily not confronted with depression myself.
However it really helped me to understand better, how I can assist others around me. All in all I am glad I’ve followed these meaningful lessons.
Thank you!

Chris, Belgium

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