I offer Online and Offline coaching. Online you can follow courses in my Online Healing Academy. Offline you can follow a coaching session with horses in Belgium, nearby Brussels airport.

Online Coaching

I am so proud that my Online Healing Academy finally has been developed.

My very first online product will be launched on Valentine’s Day, 14/02/2020 at 8 pm – Brussels, Paris, Berlin time.


Product Launch








Offline Coaching

Coaching with horses as business idea was born in 2012, when someone, who had successfully fought depression showed me how to rebuild trust & self-confidence with the help of horses.

Horses are keenly aware of energies & can sense emotions that lurk beneath the surface of our awareness. They are honest & present, responding openly without pretense. Building trust with such a sensitive animal takes time, time that can become a healing, empowering process.

I am currently following a program to become a Horse Reflected Coach at I For Horse in Deinze, Belgium.

If you are interested to try out what coaching with horses feels like, you can book a free session with me below.

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