I offer Online and Offline coaching. Online you can follow courses in my Online Healing Academy. Offline you can follow a coaching session with horses in Belgium, nearby Brussels airport.

Online Coaching

I am so proud that my Online Healing Academy finally has been developed.


Offline Coaching

Coaching with horses as business idea was born in 2012, when someone, who had successfully fought depression showed me how to rebuild trust & self-confidence with the help of horses.

Horses are keenly aware of energies & can sense emotions that lurk beneath the surface of our awareness. They are honest & present, responding openly without pretense. Building trust with such a sensitive animal takes time, time that can become a healing, empowering process.

I am currently following a program to become a Horse Reflected Coach at I For Horse in Deinze, Belgium.

If you are interested to try out what coaching with horses feels like, you can book a free session with me below.

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